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Hi! Welcome to our page. We are the Anderson’s – Stacey and Ian and we love to travel!

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My journey into the world of travel began at the tender age of 2 when my father took up work in the Philippines in the mid-’70s. Picture a young boy, me, sitting in a high chair, dozing off mid-bite of a hamburger after a day at Disneyland – my first memorable travel escapade. In my teens, I explored California with family and friends, later venturing to Australia and Mexico before meeting Stacey.

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Unlike Ian, my travel bug didn’t bite until later. My initial adventures included Disneyland and Las Vegas at 20, after marrying for the first time. It wasn’t until a decade later, accompanied by Ian and our daughter Stephanie, that I truly embraced the joy of travel during a memorable trip to Disneyland. Despite its initial challenges, that experience ignited our passion for exploration.

So why The Flip Flop Files? Read on!

Stacey and Ian

Our shared journey began in the mid-’90s, following a period of personal challenges for both of us. We started dating, tied the knot in 2002, and welcomed our son Jake into our blended family. Our initial travel expeditions, aside from a few camping trips, included a memorable visit to Disneyland in 2001 and a honeymoon road trip to Las Vegas. Little did Ian know he’d fall in love with Vegas, a love that has endured through 11 visits!

Since that first Disneyland trip, we’ve indulged in Disney magic, visiting Disneyworld three times and returning to Disneyland another five. Our love for Disney, combined with our passion for road trips, led us to explore these enchanting parks by car.

In 2015, we discovered the beauty of Cuba’s beaches and it’s people, a destination that has become a budget-friendly favorite with three more visits since.

Cruising entered our lives with an overnight adventure from Seattle to Vancouver, leaving us hooked on the thrill of the sea. Over the years, we’ve expanded our cruising repertoire to include 3-night, 4-night, and 7-night voyages, with plans for more in the future. Sharing these travel adventures with close friends has further fueled our passion for exploration, with eight major trips and countless other escapades under our belts.

Our goal with this blog is simple: to share our love of travel, especially to destinations where flip flops are a must. So, grab your flip flops and join us on our exciting adventures!

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